Tips On How To Get Cheap Air Travel To Europe

Trip to Europe often connotes high airfare. But with a little effort and dedication, you can go in any cities of this continent at a cheap price. To know how, here are the following tips: 1. Search the Internet. It is the best place to search for cheap air travel to Europe. Try it yourself: do a research on all major and minor airlines traveling from the United States to Europe.

Check all their prices. Now search on the Internet. You will be surprised how much difference the plane tickets are. 2. Take connected flights and do not fly direct.

Again, this would take a good time of researching and finding the cities that can connect your flight from the United States to any city in Europe. 3. No first class and business seats please. Your aim is to go to Europe in as little amount as possible. These seats could cost twice as much as coach seats. Do not be ashamed if you seat on the tail of the airplane, after all, you will arrive at the same time and the same place.

4. Target off-season. During this time, airfare is low. Europe's airfare is cheapest during winter.

But make sure you are prepared for heavy snowfall. 5. Plan to travel longer. One way to get to Europe without spending money is by taking the cheapest flight from the United States and travel by train or bus to your desired city.

This might take a while especially if you are planning to go to Moscow and happen to land on the Western cities of Europe. The rewarding part is, you can see other countries and enjoy the sceneries while traveling 6. Identify the slow days. Usually, most people travel less during Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You can capitalize on this and take your flight to Europe at lesser cost. After all there is no difference when you arrive in Europe during Sunday or Tuesday. 7. And in accordance with number 6, schedule your return also during slow days. 8.

Book in advance. Aside from getting your desired seat, you can get low air rates 2-3 weeks before the flight. 9.

Get round-trip tickets. It is much cheaper to get return flights than one-way tickets. 10. Do not mind asking for lowest rates. Usually, you can get the lowest air travel rates to Europe if you would only ask. It is just there waiting to be asked.

11. Watch out for lowest fare. Stay at the airport and wait 'til they tell you the flight is in its lowest rate.

This might not be appealing but who cares? At least you arrive in Europe the same way they did. 12. Volunteer to get bumped.

Inform the airline that it's okay for you to transfer to the next flight. Your time loitering around the airport could mean cash discount coupon you can use on your future flight. If you are brave enough, try the following: 1. Try wandering around the airport and look for people who decided not to go. Buy their tickets at lowest price.

But here's the catch: the ticket should match the name of the passport. Do it if you have a match. 2. Ask if there is any physically challenged person on the flight and ask if they want company.

They would be willing shoulder part of your airfare. These mentioned tips could surely make your way to Europe. And though some may be a little bit off your ways, you have more choices and one would be enough. .

By: Dana Goldberg


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