Things To Do and Food to Eat in Fukuoka, Japan

by Scott Brady


Fukuoka isn't that small of a place. Actual numbers bring the population to about the 5 million mark, with the city having roughly 1.3 million people. With that amount of people around, you know there has got to be something to do. On any day of the week if you look you will be able to find something that interests you. There are often festivals in one area or another in Fukuoka city. With a little help from a friend or the domestic foreigner magizines and information centers you will be able to find out where the festivals are being held. [ more ]

A Land of the Rising Sun

by Elena Reboni

A magic of the East has been always attracting the minds of the Western minds. For many centuries Japan was closed for the foreigners, but even its open now there still remains a mystery. Japan is a unique combination of the traditions and the latest technology achievements. You can never say for sure that you have understood this country and its inhabitants. [ more ]

The Pacific Rim

by Ron Kirstein

The Esowista Peninsula is perched in the edge of the North America Continent. Next stop Japan! At the north end of the Peninsula is the town of Tofino, located in a protected harbour. Just to the North, you will also find protected waters, and directly offshore is the Wild West Coast. [ more ]

Kendo: A summary


Kendo, which literally means "way of the sword", is the Japanese art of fencing. Kendo was created by the samurai during the Kamakura period (1180-1230) so they could hone their skills without killing each other. It was originally grounded in Zen Buddhism. The teachings of kendo helped the samurai learn to disregard their own lives in the heat of battle. This is one of the main reasons it is considered the way of the sword. [ more ]

Beijing Shi Du (Ten Ferry)

by Jacklyn Chen

The Shi Du (Ten Ferry) scenic spot is the most typical canyon full of karst, ridges and peaks and is the closest to the capital city, unique in the northern part, and the biggest in Huabei region. The canyon features 12 marvelous geological sites such as natural "Stone Buddha", "Flied over Stone", "One Line Sky", "Buddha" character of the dragon mountain, "Water Flowing Up", "Stone in the Stone" and so forth. It has enjoyed the fine reputation of being the "green mountain and wild ferry, decorated corridors of hundred miles" for years. The Juma river is just like a piece of jade ribbon winding circuitously, passing through the mountains, complementing each other with the peaks and forests. The scenery has North China's imposing character, it also carries the elegance of South of Yangtzi River. In 1986, Shi Du was evaluated as one of the new 16 sceneries of Beijing, and it was included in Beijing's first batch of scenic spots in 1999. [ more ]

Best Hotels are Found Here

by Ray La Foy

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Whether you're on your vacation, in for a conference in the city, or just visiting, nothing beats going back to a nice hotel after the day is done. A good night's sleep and nice stay can recharge and invigorate you, getting you ready for the next day. [ more ]