The Parador of Jarandilla De La Vera Spain

The Parador of Jarandilla De La Vera is a place distinct in the history of Spain. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V - the most powerful man in the world during his reign - lived here in the Parador building for a few months before retiring to live out his remaining time in the Monastery at Yuste.He chose this spot for it's tranquility and natural beauty. The area, on the southern slope of the Gredos mountains, is abundant with streams, waterfalls, and oak woods - producing a scenery of rare beauty. The soil is rich and fertile.

There are gardens, apple and pear orchards everywhere. It has been called a paradise, and "The best place for repose, and for the pleasures of mind and body.".The 4-star Parador of Jarandilla de la Vera is a fortified palace built in the 15th century.

It was constructed over the ruins of a fortress that had been built and inhabited by the Knights Templar. It has all that a castle should have; a draw-bridge, machicolations, embrasures, and robust corner towers. Parador Jarandilla is in an Italian Renaissance style however, with an interior sweetness and graciousness missing in the earlier true fortress style castles.There is a fine dining room with views out to the open cloister (you can dine al fresco during the warmer months). Wooden ceilings and a baronial fireplace in the reception area give this place an altogether 'noble' feel.Interesting excursions from Parador Jarandilla into the city:.

- See the 15th century Church on the main plaza.- The area immediately surrounding the town is very good for hiking - several different marked trails lead along rushing streams to waterfalls and miniature gorges.Interesting day trips include:.- Explore over to the Jerte valley - there are a couple of scenic (if not harrowing!) roads that cross over, or you can drive around through Placensia.

If you are here in spring, the valley is blanketed in white - with thousands of cherry trees in bloom.- Placensia is a typical Extremaduran town with a wonderful main plaza. Sit down at one of the many outdoor tables and wait and watch the giant elf (?) in the main clock tower strike the bell to mark each half hour. A "cuckoo clock" on the grandest of scales! There is a lively Tuesday market held here in the plaza - as it has been continuously since the 12th century!.Visiting the Parador of Jarandilla De La Vera is an experience long cherished by those who have gone out of their way to get to this nearly forgotten backwater of Spain. makes it easy for you to plan and arrange your next trip to Spain.

This time stay in palaces, castles, and other places of great historical interest and rare beauty - the wonderful Paradors of Spain. www.SpainParador.


By: Gary Bumpas


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