Pros And Cons Of Traveling Cheap To India

For a long time, India has been one of the premier destinations for traveling. With rich culture and magnificence, it would offer you many places to see. And going there to experience the place would not cost you so much especially when you decide to travel cheap. But traveling cheap has its own cost. Here are the pros and cons when you decide to travel cheap to India: Pros 1.

When you are India, luxury is not always wise. That is why when you travel cheap you don't need to wear extravagant clothing. You don't need to invest on your clothing for a visit in the country. Simple clothes are enough for you to survive India. Be mindful of the culture.

Make sure you respect it by wearing discreet clothing. 2. When you travel cheap to India, you can eat anywhere you can. Prices are relatively low in this country. Aside from this, you can try the real local taste of foods without spending much. 3.

India could be dangerous to those who don't know how to mingle. And to mingle means to be simple. And to be simple means to travel cheap while carrying enough money for the day and carrying it without the use of the typical wallet you put on your pockets.

Wander the streets in a way you don't have to show your fortune, and since you travel cheap, you don't have much to show off. 4. Since you don't have to carry much if you travel cheap, you don't have much to worry about. But still, never ever leave your things unattended. There is a great chance it will get lost.

5. You can experience India's culture, history, and religion while staying at your target budget. You can visit their place of worship (mosque or temple) and know their background for free. Be mindful though not to violate any rules while on these sites.

Do not act negatively or that might offend their culture. 6. Prices in India are much cheaper than in other countries especially in Europe and Americas. You can get what you want and all you need without spending much. Cons 1.

The flight from the United State to India would take several hours. When you buy coach plane ticket which is cheaper compared to first class and business class, inconvenience might set in while on the plane. 2. India is a big country with lots of sights to offer. If you travel cheap you might not be able see all of those.

3. Food may be another issue if you decided to travel cheap to India. Although the prices are a lot cheaper on ordinary restaurants than on hotels, you might not get the type of food you prefer.

Indian food is different. 4. Accommodation might be an issue if you decided to travel cheap to India.

If you cannot stand the hotels that are not first class, settling for small, simple and cheap hotels may become a struggle. These things will not only let you decide how to get to India but also guide you how to act when you are in the country. With a little care and precaution, no matter how much you have prepared, traveling at India will bring you many good experiences and social awareness. .

By: Dana Goldberg


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