Going to London

If you are looking for antiques, vintage clothes or old books, you can find it in London! London has a wide variety of markets. All you need to know is where to find them.Camden Lock:.Really worth a visit! Antiques, old books, vintage clothes and more. Take the subway to Camden Town. Open all week, but extended opening hours during the weekend 9.

30-18.00.Portobello Road:.One of the best markets in London! Clothes, antiques, fruit and vegetables.

Take the subway to Notting Hill/Landbroke Grove. Open all week from 08-18.00.

The Stables:.Designers and fashion stores offer antiques, evening wear and fashion clothes. Take the subway to Chalk Farm. Open all week from 10.

30 - 18.00, Saturday and Sunday from 09 - 18.30.Antiquarius:.

Antiques center. Take the subway to Sloan Square. Go to King`s Road. Open Monday to Saturday 10 - 18.

00.Alfič`s Antique Market:.Modern design and antiques. Take the subway to Edgware Road/Marylebone.

Church Street. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10-18.00.

Hampstead Antique and Craft Emporium:.Old and new items. Take the subway to Hampstead. Tuesday to Friday 10.30 - 17.

00. Saturday 10-18 and Sunday from 11.30 - 15.30.Picadilly Market:.Take the subway to Picadilly Circus.

Open all week from 10-20.Camden Passage:.Antique and flea market, takes you back to Charles Dickens! Take the subway to Angel, Islington Green. Open 9.30 - 18.Fleamarket:.

Seven Sisters Road 7. Subway to Holloway. Every Wednesday and Thursday from 8-13.Grays Antique Market:.Exclusive antiques, jewelry and art.

1-7 Davies Mews in the Mayfair district. Monday to Friday 10 - 18.Merton Abbey Mills:.Arts & crafts ateliers Monday to Friday. Market Saturdays and Sundays.

Take the subway to South Wimbleton, Meratum Way.Fashion Market:.Accessoirs, jewelry and fashion from young designers.Greenwich Market:.

Arts & Crafts, by Greenwich church Street and Nelson Road. Open all week from 9.30 - 17.Bermondsey Antiques Market:.

On the corner of Long Lane and Bermondsey Street. Take the subway to London Bridge. 05 - 14.00.Old Spitalfields Market:.

London`s most popular and trendy market! Organic food court on Fridays and Saturdays. Antiques Sunday to Friday, cafees and restaurants. Fashion. Art on Sundays.Address: Brushfield Street.

Open Monday to Friday 10 - 17. Saturday and Sunday 9.30 - 18.

00.The next time you visit London, make sure you visit some of the markets!.For other tips, please visit www.houseofedna.no.

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