Dubai Wiping Away Misconceptions

Dubai is somewhere that may already seem familiar. In the age of globalization and rapidly transferred information, it's all too easy to think that you know all there is to know about a city thousands of miles away. However, although it's easier than ever before to obtain accurate information, this is also the age of myth and rumor, and Dubai is the subject of many misconceptions, some more major than others.For example, if you think that a place surrounded by desert is going to be inhabited by people riding camels, you will be surprised to see a proliferation of 4x4s and a modern road network. And many people have heard the horror stories about being served sheep's eyeballs in restaurants. Yes, sheep's eyeballs were a traditional delicacy for Middle Eastern nomads, but in Dubai you will find a choice of eateries to rival that of any modern, multicultural city, and you're more likely to find a good curry than anything to make you squeamish.

Oddly enough, the more outlandish the tale about Dubai, the more likely it is to be true. Stories about the landmark hotel, the Burj al Arab, having real gold leaf in its décor are actually true. People really do climb up sand dunes and then ski down them.

And have you heard the one about Palm Island, a man-made structure set to become the eighth wonder of the world? - Again, it's all true.There really is nowhere quite like Dubai, as visitors usually realize. It's a comparatively liberal, Westernised city surrounded by the conservative area of the United Arab Emirates; it's somewhere commerce is hugely important but family values and Islam come first; it's somewhere to pick up designer clothes while walking past women in full burka.


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By: Damian Bennett


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