Booking Hostels On Your Round The World Trip

Accommodation is often on people's minds when it comes to travelling round the world, though. It's one of the elements of your trip that takes up the most cash, and you'll probably be wondering whether you need to prepare in advance or trust that it'll all fall into place. So, should you book ahead or leave it to the day you arrive? And, what should you be expecting?.

Here are one or two pointers.Do you need to book ahead?
If you know you're definitely going to be somewhere between certain dates, there's no reason why you shouldn't. But plans often change while you're on the road, and it could be better to book when you arrive. It's not often that hostels are fully booked, unless there's a local event going on or it's a popular time of the year. If there are two or more of you, the best bet is to let one person sit in a cafe with the bags while the other one pounds the pavements checking out the local places to stay.

This is much less tiring than trudging around with your backpacks and you are less likely to accept a sub-standard or overpriced place as it is easier to scoot along to check out the next next place that might just be a gem !.One time you'll definitely know you're arriving somewhere on a certain date is at the first destination of your trip, and perhaps on this occasion it'll be preferable and less stressful to book in advance. It might also be worth booking if you're arriving somewhere late in the evening. It may be worth considering booking somehwere above a hostel standard for the first few days of your trip.

You are at your most vulnerable in the first few days of your trip. You are likely to be jet-lagged, culture-shocked, and exhausted by the heat at first. Having the sanctuary of a nice hotel for a few days will make soften the blow.How do I get good accommodation?
Guide books are usually helpful. They offer information on the quality and also how much you'll need to stump up for a night.

Another idea might be to ask other travellers. If you're staying in an area for a while, you could book into somewhere for a couple of nights whilst you ask around.What are the hostels usually like?
The standard varies, of course. But, you might be surprised how good they are considering they are a cheap option to a hotel room.

Hostels in Australia and New Zealand are particularly good and sometimes even have swimming pools !.When you arrive, you might get the choice of a shared room, twin- or double-room. If you are happy to share with people you don't know ? and risk sleeping in the same room as a heavy snorer! ? then the dorm option is the cheapest.Do I need to join some kind of club to stay in a hostel?
No, but if you will be travelling in Australia and or New Zealand, it is worth getting a VIP backpacker card (these cost 16.

50 from Travel Nation). These give you a small discounts on 'VIP' registered hostels. There are lots of these hostels in this part of the world and they are of a good standard.

Eating in hostels
You should ask what meals are included in your stay in a hostel. You sometimes get breakfast, and there could be self-catering facilities which can be a good way of saving cash.


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