A Marriage Made in Maui Heaven

Looking for a paradise wedding, or have friends that are looking for the perfect place to get married? We have lots of romantic ideas for a heavenly Maui wedding. At the beach, near a waterfall or in a chapel, with the fragrance of tropical flowers borne on gentle trade winds caressing your face -- a Maui sun bids 'Aloha' to another day in Paradise. It is quite simply, the perfect place to celebrate your wedding vows. Here are a few of the ingredients that will imprint your wedding day on your minds for years to come.

Maui, Hawaii is the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago in both size and population, located some 1,800 miles off the south western seaboard of the United States. Hawaii is one of the top tourist destinations for the majority of Americans and hence a Maui wedding is highly desirable, taking place in one of the world's foremost wedding and honeymoon destinations. The weather in Maui is also most attractive as it is year round tropical; however it is most consistently pleasant outside the months of January and February (dead of winter). Maui offers several fascinating attractions, including the unforgettable sight of a surfacing whale, biking through wine country, snorkeling the tiny atoll of Molokini, or enjoying a stage production at the Historic 'Iao Theater.

A reasonable stay of seven days, or more is recommended if you want to explore more than one Hawaiian Island. Maui, Hawaii offers the enamored an ideal place to declare their love. Several professional services for Maui Weddings are in great demand, and wedding providers such as ParadiseMaui.com are at hand to assist in every way, from classic beach weddings to larger formal affairs. A beautiful wedding of land and sea, the island of Maui offers newlyweds any number of romantic options.

An authentic Maui wedding might require the services of a 'kahu', which is a Hawaiian minister. A Maui wedding may also include an elaborate 'luau' (pronounced loo-ow) celebration. A luau is a Hawaiian gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, company and times. In addition to the Hawaiian tradition of the ceremony, many couples decide to incorporate the exchanging of the lei, where each person gives their betrothed a lei.

(A lei is a flower necklace.) For the bride, the pikake lei seems to be one of the most popular varieties because of its sweet fragrance and delicate appearance. Pikake is a seasonal flower and has limited availability, but there are many other fragrant flowers to choose from. Grooms usually receive a maile lei, which is quite masculine and drapes loosely around the neck.

The maile lei has beautiful green leaves which have a sweet smell and little fragrance. It also dries quickly and can be retained as a cherished keepsake for many years to come. Another tradition that is sometimes performed is the conch shell announcement of the ceremony.

Here a conch shell blower introduces the nuptials, and a Hawaiian chanter often follows in precession. A hula dance usually adds the perfect touch of Hawaii and can portray a beautiful message of love. Some brides have even taken it upon themselves to learn a hula dance and perform it as a surprise to their grooms.

(The hiring of a professional hula dancer can be easily arranged.) Hawaiian music can easily be adapted for any wedding. A soulful ukulele and guitar accompaniment can evoke the most melodic sounds. The "Hawaiian Wedding Song" is a popular request for many wedding couples here in Maui.

For more information on Maui Weddings visit ParadiseMaui at Maui Wedding. ParadiseMaui.com offers a number of quality wedding packages. They are based in Hawaii and are one of the island's main wedding planners. They are also members of the Hawaiian Wedding Professionals Association, Maui Weddings Association and the Maui Chamber of Commerce.


By: Paul Malcolm


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