Japanese Cars - Sporty and Sleek

by Scotty Johnson


If you are thinking of a car that is sleek, sporty, luxurious or cheap then the right choice is to look for a Japanese car model. Japanese cars are the highest selling cars in the world and are very much in demand. If you are looking for the looks then you can find the most beautiful looking cars and if your main concern is the safety then also these cars are amongst the best available cars in the world. There are different Japanese car manufacturers and amongst the top producers are Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Isuzu, and Daihatsu. Amongst all these car manufacturers, Toyota is on the top of the highest car seller list in Japan. It is not far behind if we take the statistics from the world, as Toyota is rated as the second largest car manufacturer in the world. General Motors is in the top slot for the number one car company in the world. Ford is not far behind from Toyota and few months' back only Ford sales were ahead of Toyota's. In Japan, Honda and Nissan are also close competitors of Toyota.

Recently Honda Accord was rated as the best selling car in North America. Honda is another very popular company in Japan and is known for its quality. Japanese cars can be easily imported almost anywhere in the world, as the Japanese government has simplified the exporting laws in order to promote their cars. The Japanese cars are the most fuel-efficient cars and the best of facilities available for comfort as well as for safety. Features such as top-notch sound systems, GPS, TV, cameras etc. are now part of the options available on many of these Japanese car models. Most of the Japanese cars if compared to the similar bracket car models are very light in weight and there is even a special group of cars in Japan known as k-cars derived from the word "Kei" that means lightweight. Generally such cars do not exceed 660 cc and are quite popular in Japanese market. These k-cars are available in 5 seater models as well as 2 seater sports models.

Demand of new Japanese cars is on a rise and if we have a look at the demand of used Japanese cars then one would be astonished to see the figures. Recently the car dealers in Asian countries are looking for a lot of small cars less than 1000cc. There is a huge customer base in Asia for Japanese cars, since these cars have a very good design and the condition of these used cars are pretty good. Most of the Japanese car owners get their cars serviced well in time and also keep their cars immaculate. Reports say that the production time spent on each vehicle by the top three Japanese car companies is far less than the production time compared to the top three American companies. Nissan is the fastest in the production time and takes almost 17.25 hours to produce one car where as Honda takes 20.65 hours and Toyota takes 20.69 hours. The American companies take on an average almost 5.5 + hours more than these Japanese car manufacturers. So, one can very well imagine the amount of production taking place for these Japanese cars is greater.

Many Japanese car companies manufacture their cars here in America. Therefore you're not exporting american jobs by buying many Japanese cars, while by shopping at Wal-Mart or other big chains you are.

All in all, Japanese cars are a very good option for a car owner.

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