Bamboo - More Than Just Poles

by Michael Russell


You can't even begin to imagine how many uses there are for bamboo and how many things are made from bamboo.

For example. Did you know that some fishing flyrods are made from bamboo?

A gentleman by the name of Ward Dunham makes bamboo pens. He uses these for blackletter and other types of Gothic writing.

Bamboo is also used for making baskets. No, not all baskets are made of straw. Bamboo is quite commonly used in the making of baskets and it is quite strong.

How strong? There is a bridge in Bali that is made from bamboo. Certainly it would have to be strong to support a person or persons walking across.

In Denmark there is a company that makes bicycles out of bamboo.

TUBS Marine in Angeles City builds hybrid steel and bamboo boats and fishing sleds.

It is also possible to build bamboo housing. I don't think anyone would want to be in one of these when a strong wind came around.

Bamboo fibers are also used to strengthen epoxy composites which is commonly used to strengthen concrete. Maybe that's why our roads get potholes so easily.

Habu textiles uses bamboo in the making of yarn. The yarn is made by a process similar to the way rayon is made

A gentleman by the name of Omer Kursat uses bamboo to make what he calls "Artifacts of a One Man Tribe."

A friend of mine who is a musician tells me that certain musical instruments are made of bamboo, most commonly the bamboo flute. It has a very different sound from the traditional metal flute. He describes it as being more airy and lighter sounding.

In Japan many traditional crafts including window blinds are made from bamboo.

There is quite a bit of furniture that is made out of bamboo. Another friend of mine has a bamboo made lawn chair. He tells me that it's quite sturdy. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization has a number of articles on this.

A gentleman by the name of Christoph Tonges has a site that explains some of the bamboo construction techniques needed for making anything out of bamboo. Well, you didn't just think they threw this stuff together did you?

A company in Germany by the name of Bamutec specializes in tools that are specifically developed for bamboo joinery.

I think you pretty much get the idea. Bamboo use is more common than most people realize. Just take a look at the things around you in your every day life. You'll be surprised how much of it is made out of bamboo.

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